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October 12, 2012


The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Head of Office in South Sudan, Salah Khaled, presented Microsoft competency certificates to 170 people who attended and completed a three-month intensive training on basic computer skills at the Ministry of Information’s Public Information Centre (PIC).

Khaled congratulated the group for their completion of the course and said that the skills acquired by them will empower them by opening doors to opportunities. He reminded that education is the basic foundation for a strong and vibrant society. He said that literacy is just about the ability to read and write but goes far beyond that. He reminded that education is a ‘life long process” regardless of what age one has.

Director of the Public Information Centre Aleer Justin said that the skills acquired by the 170 who got training are the basics to start with and that they need to keep practicing and continue learning to better equip.

The training program was undertaken as part of the Kush Land Education Project which is a collaboration between government institutions and partners to create a computer literate South Sudan. A second batch of the training program was already started in May 2012 and will pass out in November 2012.

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