328 people of Murle ethnic community believed to be killed in the July clashes

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A Member of Parliament from the Jonglei State Assembly, Jongolei Boyoris, said that as many as 328 people belonging to the Murle ethnic community are killed in communal clashes in July 2013. Most of those who died are women and children. At least 32 children are abducted.

The attacks happened when thousands of men on foot attacked on two dozen villages forcing tens of thousands of people to leave their homes and run for their lives. The people who fled moved into the countryside. Many of those who fled are without any food or medical aid and will be living in inhumane conditions. Murle and Lou Nuer Communities are clashing with each other for dominance and cattle for years now.

The clashes occurred in hard to reach part of the country. The death toll numbers are not confirmed by neither the Central Government nor an United Nations sources.

A U N report that looked into violence between Jonglei's Murle and Lou Nuer communities in the late 2011 and early 2012 has put the death toll at 612 Murle deaths and 276 Bor Dinka/Lou Nuer deaths.

The official spokesman of the South Sudan Military Col. Philip Aguer, said he will wait for additional information in order to either confirm or deny the astonishing death toll numbers put in by Boyoris.

A majority of those killed were women in a village called Lekla. The women had gone to herd cattle when they were shot by attackers, he said.


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