Anthem of South Sudan

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"South Sudan Oyee! (Hooray!)" is the national anthem of South Sudan.

  • An X-Factor-styled program was organized by the organizing committee set up for deciding the national anthem. Hundreds of musical groups competed in the program. The anthem song by the students of Juba University was finally selected.
  • Joseph Abuk was the chairman of the technical committee for writing the national anthem.
  • About 49 poets are involved in writing the anthem in 2010 according to the guidelines set up by the Government and the Army
  • The nation got its national anthem ready by the time it became independent. However, it took some for Sudan to come up with its national anthem when it became independent in 1956. This is a sign of preparedness of becoming a nation.

The National Anthem

The national anthem will be sung for little over a minute.

Oh God!
We praise and glorify you
For your grace upon Cush,
The land of great warriors
And origin of world's civilization.
Oh Cush!
Arise, shine, raise your flag with the guiding star
And sing songs of freedom with joy,
For peace, liberty and justice
Shall forever more reign.
So Lord bless South Sudan!
Oh black warriors!
Let's stand up in silence and respect,
Saluting millions of martyrs whose
Blood cemented our national foundation.
We vow to protect our nation.
Oh Eden!
Land of milk and honey and hard-working people,
Uphold us united in peace and harmony.
The Nile, valleys, forests and mountains
Shall be our sources of joy and pride.
So Lord bless South Sudan!


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