Army to keep vigilant eye on Abeyi

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September 10, 2012

Abeyi is the oil-rich region that South Sudan says is its own but one where some ample amount of military activity is witnessed by its neighboring nation Sudan, all for the sake of oil. South Sudan army officials including the Chief of Staff of SPLA have been clearly voicing out that Abeyi by “all definitions” belongs to South Sudan and that the army will keep a "vigilant eye" on the region.

Deputy Chief of General Staff Mboto Mamur Mate who overlooked the Moral Orientation and Mobilisation responsibilities was on television on Friday when he said that “must keep a vigilant eye” on the area ” by all means at any cost in compliance of the constitutional requirement of the army to defend and protect territorial integrity of the country”.

Military officials are surprised why the international community such as the United Nations has not made their voice and opinion clear on the issue.

Earlier in June 2011, both Sudan and South Sudan have reached an agreement of deploying Ethiopian forces in the disputed region. Thanks to the UN Security Council on 2 May 2012, both the nations have pulled out troops. However, it became apparent that Khartoum has refused to pull out a small force of 120 soldiers from Difra located in the north Abyei claiming that rebels groups active in South Kordofan represent a threat to the oil installations there.

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