Cease fire between South Sudan Government and rebel forces reported

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January 23, 2014

A section of the media is reporting of Intergovernmental Authority on Development, an East African trade group has successfully mediated and made South Sudan Government and the rebel forces to come to a cease fire. According to the media report, the ceasefire agreement was signed between the two parties at the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The two forces are in clash with each other since December 15, 2013. The official document says that the cease-fire will be effective January 24, 2014, Friday, 24 hours after its signing.

According to the agreement, all military operations will be brought to a halt and a freeze of forces at the "place they are in." The agreement also said that civilians are to be exempted from attacks and abuse such as rape, sexual abuse and torture. Also on the paper is that all routes that help in transport of humanitarian aid will be opened to reach displaced populations.

An unarmed group will now be allowed as a monitors. The group will comprise of members from surrounding East African nations and representatives from both the rebels and the government. The group will be responsible in the effective enforcement of cease-fire agreement.

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