Cinema of South Sudan

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The film industry in South Sudan is still at a minor level. After the country became independent on 9 July 2011, some of the film enthusiasts joined together and set up an office in the country's capital Juba. As of December 2011, they have 70 members. The industry is also called Woyee Film and Theatre Industry.


Jamila is the first feature film to be produced entirely by the South Sudanese people. However, the film was destroyed during the war and it was first screened at a local cultural centre. The screening was a big hit as over 500 people attended on the first day to watch the film. Those who attended included government officials, NGOs etc.

Daniel Danis of Woyee film industry has distributed a free DVD of the film around the country free of charge to encourage people to join the film industry.

After Jamila, the Woyee film and theatre industry has made 14 short films about stories of village life.


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