Communications of South Sudan

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Communications and Technology in South Sudan are at a very basic level both in terms of technology and reach.


Communication system

August 5, 2011: Directorate of Radio and TV in the Ministry of Information has received one new FM radio and two TV transmitters. This was announced by the Minister for Information, Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin
July 19, 2011: Caretaker Minister for Information Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin urged the states to disseminate information widely so that the citizens of the country and the international community can be adequately informed of the events and development projects in their respective states.

Country-level Internet Domain

In the early days of its Independence, it was expected that .ss would be given as the country-level internet domain because the other alternatives .sd (Sudan), .su (Soviet Union) are already taken. Few feel that 'ss' would represent links with Nazis of Europe.

August 10, 2011: Minister for Telecommunications and Postal Services, Madut Biar Yel was confirmed that .ss and .ssd are allotted to South Sudan as the alpha-2 Internet domain code and alpha-3 numeric code.

Postal System

Postal system for the nation will continue to depend and come via the North till the membership with Universal Postal Union (UPA) which in turn depends on the membership of United Nations Organization is completed. Locally printed poor-quality postal stamps would be used till some standard designs are considered. Postal stamps are important for international philanthropists.

  • July 13, 2011: New postal stamps of South Sudan are released. The Director General for Administration and Finance in the Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services Brigadier General (Rtd) Elijah Biar Kuol announced that about 100,000 of these stamps are already sent to various places across the country for distribution. The three stamps released are of 1 SSP featuring the South Sudanese Flag, 2.5 SPP featuring the Emblem and a 3.5 SSP featuring South Sudanese personality.

ITU Code

  • July 13, 2011: South Sudan gets a country code for its own! 211 was issued as the country code for telecommunications by International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Minister for Telecommunications and Postal Services Madut Biar Yel announced this in an address to the media. The code will be effective 48 hours after the United Nations Organization formally recognizes the country after its meeting. The Minister urged the telecommunication providers to update their setups accordingly.



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