Concerns of implementation of death penalty on the rise in South Sudan

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November 27, 2013

The implementation of death penalty by the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) is reportedly to be on the rise. As many as 4 death penalties are reported to have been implemented in South Sudan during this month alone so far.

The death penalty is implemented by the prison services. Two deaths are implemented in Juba on November 12 while two more in Wau on November 18.

Concerns are not just on the implementation of the death penalty but the secret manner in which they are implemented. A section of advocates and human rights activists are asking the Government to reveal the names of the people executed and for what crimes they were executed.

The South Sudan Law Society (SSLS), a Juba-based civil society organization, says that as many as 14 judicial executions have taken place in South Sudan since the country gained its independence in July 2011. As many as 200 more are on the death row. SSLS says since there is no transparency in regard to death penalties or judicial executions, the number of individuals being executed could even be more.


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