Consultative meetings to find challenges facing South Sudan Army

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September 11, 2012

The Speaker of the South Sudan National Legislative Assembly James Wani Igga addressed a Security Consultative Command Council meeting and hailed the efforts of the army in protecting the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement and their guidance in the referendum which helped in shaping of South Sudan in July 2011.

Igga said that army was able to accomplish a major milestone when South Sudan got its independence from Khartoum. He however said that the journey ahead too remains a challenge.

The Speaker asked the army to remain “vigilant” considering that the country faces threats and is witnessing renewed conflict along the border with Sudan. He said that rebels and inter-tribal cattle violence are also on the rise.

A series of consultative meetings are reported to be going on amongst High profile government officials and leaders and top members of the South Sudan’s government Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM). The agenda of the meetings is believed to be to find solutions to the challenges facing the country’s Army.

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