Cuba and South Sudan

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Special Envoy of Cuba to Republic of South Sudan: Clara Pulido Esoandoll


October 19, 2011

Cuba has announced its support to the Republic of South Sudan. Cuban Special Envoy to South Sudan Clara Pulido Esoandoll said that the people of Cuba will fully support the people of Republic of South Sudan to realize the dreams of their new country.

The Special Envoy has addressed a press conference at the SPLM Secretariat headquarters in Juba. Speaking on the occasion, Esoandoll said that the Cuba government will cooperate with South Sudan in any fields of development. She recalled the long association of Cuba with South Sudan before attaining independence and said that the 2005 peace agreement brought the two decades of war to an end.

Esoandoll said that during the long civil war in South Sudan, many took refuge in Cuba and were able to acquire education there. She added that many of the refugees have now returned to South Sudan and are working towards development of the country. She also said that Cuba has a history of working with many African countries in fields of health, education, roads, bridge construction, agriculture, engineering etc.


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