December 2011

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South Sudan News in December 2011

 Deaths in December 2011
 December 2011 Events

December 29

Sudan has decided to file an official complaint against the Republic of South Sudan to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for supporting Darfur rebel Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said national security was the top concern for South Sudan. "The secretary-general calls on the leadership of both groups to cease violence and to work with the government toward a long-term solution to the root causes of the hostilities," the statement read.

December 27

Chairperson of Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Duer Tut Duer welcomes 1200 internally displaced persons (IDP) who were relocated to Renk six months ago. The Chairperson says that 9000 IDPs in Renk will soon be transported.

December 26

Khartoum calls South Sudan as the main threat to the security of Sudan. The Sudanese parliament alleges Juba's support to rebels and are attempting to topple the Sudan government. Sudan's Intelligence chief Mohamed Atta, defense minister Abdul Rahim Hussien and interior minister Ibrahim Mhamud met with Sudanese parliament’s security and defense committee in a three hour meeting to discuss the security issues.

Hilde Johnson, head the United Nations Mission in South Sudan has warned that thousands of youth in South Sudan are planning to attack on civilians in Jonglei. The UNMISS air patrols has identified thousands of armed young men of Lou Nuer preparing for attacks on Murle tribe near Likuangole in Jonglei.

December 25

Vice President Riek Machar Teny calls on rebel groups to lay down their arms and help develop the country. Speaking at a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Juba, Riek Teny said that the next goal of the country after achieving independence is to develop the nation and address issues through the power of the people.

December 24

President Salva Kiir Mayardit called for a peaceful Christmas and asked the police to take charge to ensure peace during the holidays.

Members of Sudan People's Liberation Army attacks a Christmas Eve celebration in Pigi county killing four civilians and one solider. 15 others were injured in the attack. SPLA Spokesperson Philip Aguer said that a thorough investigation would be carried out.

The opposition party leader of Sudan and former Sudanese Prime Minister Al-Sadiq al-Mahdi denounced the Sudan President Kiir's visit to Israel last week. While addressing a gathering of the opposition National Umma Party, al-Mahdir said that timing of the visit is inappropriate and supports the arguments of separatists in the north and puts the political forces calling for good neighborly relations with the South in a deep embarrassment.

December 23

The Ministry of Labour, Public Service and Human Resource Development has announced that the Christmas holidays will be observed from December 24th till December 27th. The New Year will also be observed as a public holiday on January 1, 2012.

December 22

South Sudan Information Minister Banaba Marial Benjamin accuses Khartoum of recruiting South Sudanese college students in Sudan into its army and said that they would deplore such harassment. The Government speaks to Sudan officials in South Sudan.

The Netherlands will spend around 1.8 million euros to send 30 policemen to South Sudan as part of the UNMISS next year. The policemen will train the local police force.

Uganda denies allegations of South Sudan's Democratic Movement that it was involved in the killing of George Athor

Warrap State court dismisses cheating accusations against MP Marko Nguet Yai levied by trader Valentino Wol.

December 21

President Salva Kiir announces that his Government will implement the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative(EITI). The EITI is the global standard for transparency of natural resource revenues. "This commitment to implement the EITI is in furtherance of my statement on September 21st that my government is committed to ensuring that South Sudan enters a new era of good governance, democracy, accountability and transparency," said President Kiir.

Spokesman of Rebel Leader George Athor, James Puot vows to keep the mission alive. "Very soon we will nominate a new leader", he said.

Japan dispatches an engineering unit of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) to South Sudan. The unit consists of up to 330 personnel as part of United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS).

US Ambassador Susan Page speaks to press and says that the recent International Engagement Conference in Washington DC would go a long way in helping South Sudan attract investors.

December 20

Vice-President Riek Machar Teny announces the death of George Athor at a press conference in Juba.

The Japanese Government endorses a plan to send a Ground Self-Defense Force (GSDF) engineering unit to South Sudan as part of the United Nations peacekeeping activities. The unit will help improve infrastructure, including the maintenance and repair of roads. The scope of the project is set with a five year deadline and a reconnaissance team will head first to South Sudan to survey the region. The fact-finding team will visit South Sudan in January 2012 and a team up to 330 personnel are expected to arrive in June 2012.

Greater Bahr el Ghazal Youth Union chairperson Angok Arthur Akuein called the youth to utilize the festive season to reflect on how they can make to society in a peaceful and non-violent manner.

South Sudan will pay $41 million as compensation to members of South Sudan Traders Association Limited (MSTAL) who lost their property while trading in South Sudan. The MSTAL is a Ugandian body, who claimed harassment, confiscation of goods and property and the failure of the government to pay for goods and services supplied.

December 19

South Sudanese rebel leader and renegade general George Athor is killed in Morobo near Juba.

December 18

South Sudanese rebel leader George Athor's rebel group abandons efforts to kill Athor.

December 14, 15

President Salva Kiir attends the International Engagement Conference on South Sudan in Washington, USA. Speaking at the event, he said that the Country is open for Business.


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