Eastern Equatoria

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Eastern Equatoria is one of the states in the Republic of South Sudan. The capital of Eastern Equatoria to Torit.
The Population of Eastern Equatoria is 82,542 km².



The State of Eastern Equatoria shares its borders with Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.

  • East - Ilemi Triangle
  • South-East - Kenya
  • North-East - Ethiopia
  • South - Uganda
  • West - Central Equatoria
  • North - Jonglei

Administrative Divisions

The Eastern Equatoria State is divided into counties, with each county headed by a County Commissioner appointed by the President of South Sudan.

  • Torit County
    • Torit
    • Lafon
    • Ikotos
  • Greater Kapoeta
    • Budi
  • Kapoeta
    • Kapoeta North
    • Kapoeta South
    • Kapoeta East

Torit County

The Torit County is subdivided into Torit, Lafon and Ikotos counties.

County Capital Commissioner
Torit County Torit Felix Otuduha Siro
Lafon County Lafon Caesar Oromo Urbano
Magwi County Magwi Peter Ochilo
Ikotos County Ikotos Peter Lokeng Lotone
Budi County Chukudum Joseph Napengiro Lokolong
Kapoeta North County Riwoto Lokai Iko Loteyo
Kapoeta South County Kapoeta Martin Lorika Lojam
Kapoeta East County Narus Titos Lokwacuma Loteam


August 19, 2011: Health: A health center that provides health services, health education and training in hygiene promotion in Haforiere and the surrounding communities of Kiyalla, Tirrangore and Mara built by African Union Liaison Office in Juba in association with South Sudan Reconstruction and Development Fund (SSRDF) was handed to the Haforiere village, Torit County, Eastern Equatoria State.


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