Geography of South Sudan

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The Republic of South Sudan is bordered by

  • Ethiopia - East
  • Kenya - Southeast
  • Uganda - South
  • Democratic Republic of Congo - Southwest
  • Central African Republic - West
  • Sudan - North

Juba is the capital city. The country has numerous swamps, jungles and grasslands. River Nile is a major geographic feature of the country.



  • Total area: 619,745 Square km² (45th), 239,285 sq mi
  • Time zone: East Africa Time (UTC+3)
  • Calling code: 249


There are 10 states in the Republic of South Sudan.

Inclusion in Google Maps

Though South Sudan became independent on July 9, 2011, Google Maps hasn't updated its service to present South Sudan on their maps. On July 14, 2011, Google responded to questions about the missing border between the North and South Sudan saying that it was in the process of incorporating South Sudan as a nation.

A journalist, John Tanza Mabusu, started a petition] urging the companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, National Geographic to incorporate South Sudan as an independent nation on their world maps. In December 2011, Google updated their maps to include South Sudan as a nation. The petition has received more than 1600 signatures. Other major mapping services like Yahoo, Mapquest, etc. are yet to update their mapping service to mark South Sudan as independent nation on their maps.


October 28: Plans are underway to construct a new bridge of 650 meters long on River Nile. Resident Representative of JICA signs the final draft of the plan which will be submitted to Government of Japan for discussion. On approval, a final diplomatic agreement would be signed between the Government of South Sudan and Japan which paves the way for construction.

Prominent Cities / Urban regions

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