Independence of South Sudan

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  • South Sudan became independent from Sudan and the 196th sovereign nation on the mid-night of July 9, 2011.
  • Thousands of people, including officials from various counties, participated at the raising of the new flag of the newest nation of the world.
  • Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir pledged support and assistance.
  • South had a conflict with the North Sudan for years and it is estimated that about 1.5 million people died in the struggle. A referendum was conducted in which 99% people voted to make South Sudan an independent nation.

Reactions by international personalities

  • Barack Obama, US President
    • I am proud to declare that the United States formally recognizes the Republic of South Sudan as a sovereign and independent state upon this day, July 9, 2011
  • David Cameroon, British Prime Minister
    • 'A new and peaceful chapter'
    • 'Today the Republic of South Sudan becomes independent, and the world's newest country. This is an historic day, for South Sudan and the whole of Africa.'
    • 'The UK is proud to have been a witness to the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement and to be among the first to recognise South Sudanese independence.'
    • 'We welcome South Sudan into the community of nations and look forward to building ever stronger links between the UK and South Sudan in the months and years ahead.'
    • 'I have asked the Foreign Secretary to convey my congratulations to President Salva Kiir and the people of South Sudan on this remarkable achievement.'
  • Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan
    • 'We will bless our brothers in the south over their country and we wish them success'
    • 'We reiterate our readiness to stand with them and support them because they want their country'

Personalities who attended the Independence celebrations at Juba

  • UK Foreign Secretary William Hague
  • Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell
  • Australian Chairman of the Parliamentary Joint Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Michael Danby
  • Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe
  • South African President Jacob Zuma
  • Ethiopia Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
  • Equatorial Guinea's President and Chairman of the African Union Teodoro Obiang
  • Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki
  • Kenya's Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka
  • Uganda President Yoweri Museveni
  • Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete
  • South Korea Minister for Special Affairs, Lee Jae-oh
  • Tasmania Minister for Community Development, Cassy O’Connor

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