Minister Marial attends 50 years of Ugandan independence celebrations

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October 12, 2012

South Sudan Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin was the chief guest for the Uganda’s 50 years of independence celebrations held at Juba on October 9, 2012. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Marial said that South Sudan and Uganda have similar history of struggle and that the young nation South Sudan has to learn a lot from Uganda.

Minister Marial said, “Uganda and South Sudan have a similar history of struggle. Marking 50 years of independence, Uganda was confronted with many challenges. It is through this experience that we will learn to face our challenges ahead”.. “The people of Uganda and South Sudan are one people, you helped educated our children, gave our people refugee and above all while doing business, some of you did dodge bombs with us during our struggle”

Marial reminded on how the Ugandan people are supported for the cause of the freedom of South Sudan. He highlighted that Uganda has given the accommodation for the largest number of South Sudanese refugees. The nation extended support by giving them education and protection from the onset of Anyanya One to the SPLA/M liberation struggle.

Uganda’s ambassador in Juba, Busho Ndinyenka who was at the celebrations said the Ugandan and South Sudanese police are working together to check on cross border crime.

Ugandan Community in South Sudan, Tibo Abraham called upon his countrymen to be law abiding and to be honest in fostering trade between Ugandan and South Sudan. He said that the duo should excel in business and spearhead economic growth in the sector.

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