Plans underway for a new bridge on River Nile

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October 28, 2011

With the traffic in and out of the capital city of Juba growing at a steady pace, the Government have begun plans to build a new bridge on the river Nile. The new bridge would be constructed 1.75 kilometers upstream of the present bridge. The present bridge which was construction in 1976 is in a bad shape and deteriorating.

Hanatana Atsushi, who is the Resident Representative of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) said that a technical committee of JICA has spent past several months in carrying out the study on the project and the impact of building the bridge on the social environmental impacts on the communities living in the area. A preparatory and final draft report on the feasibility study with key stakeholders was signed.

The new bridge that is planned will be 650 meters long across the Nile and is estimated to cost $90 million. Finance for the project would be funded by the government of Japan. The feasibility study report would be submitted to the government of Japan for discussion and a final diplomatic agreement would be signed between the two government on approval. The bridge is one among the many projects JICA is undertaking in South Sudan. Some of the other projects include upgrading the Juba Port and construction of a pipe line for new water supply system for Juba town.

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