President Kiir presents new Cabinet Structure for State Governments

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August 3, 2013

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit has announced a new, leaner cabinet in an effort to channelize funds to support development projects. He directed the 10 state governors to downsize their cabinet structures accordingly. Kiir presided at a meeting where he asked the support and cooperation of the state governors with the federal ministers so that delivery of services to the people becomes easy. This move by Kiir has reduced the ministerial structure from 58 to 31. The details of the new proposed cabinet structure will be sent to the Parliament to study, make recommendations and give its approval.

The position of the Vice-President is still not named. While almost all other ministers and deputy ministers are sacked, few ministerial structures are not changed. The unchanged structures include justice, defence and veteran affairs, foreign affairs and international cooperation, national security, health and a ministry at the office of the President and Vice-president office amongst others.

One major change appears in the form of Ministry of information, broadcasting, telecommunication and postal services that will merge the existing ministries of information and broadcasting and telecommunications and postal services. Similarly, the ministry of agriculture, forestry, livestock and fisheries will now be formed merging the ministries of agriculture, forestry, cooperatives and rural development and fisheries, animal and resources.

The ministries of education and higher education have been combined to form the ministry of education, science and technology.

The ministry of transport and the ministry of roads and bridges will be merged to become the ministry of transport, road and bridges.

Ministries of Environment and Mineral Resource, Water and Forestry are combined into Ministry of environment, water and natural resources. The Ministry of interior was combined with wildlife and conservation. The Ministries of land, housing and nairobi metropolitan were combined into ministry of land, housing and urban development. The ministries of sports, national heritage and culture are merged to become ministry of sports, culture and the arts.

The ministry of finance and economic planning is restructured to accommodate commerce ministry. The ministry of environment has been merged with the ministry of petroleum, industry and mining.

Martin Elia Lomoro who is serving as the minister of animal resources and fisheries till now will now become the minister of cabinet affairs.

Former Information minister Barnaba Marial Benjamin is now moved into a bigger role - that of foreign minister.

Oil Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau is able to retain his post. The Minister will take up the key decisions related to building an alternative oil pipeline via Kenya or Djibouti via Ethiopia so as to reduce its dependence on Sudan.

South Sudan will be going for elections later in 2015 and the existing shake up is believed to be a move to work quickly and win the confidence of the people.

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