President inaugurates 2012 Third Session of the National Legislative Assembly

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October 15, 2012

The President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit opened the third session of the National Legislative Assembly for the year 2012.

Giving his key remarks at the opening ceremony, the President called up on the assembly to ratify the cooperation agreement of nine protocols that are recently signed between the Republic of South Sudan and the Republic of Sudan in Addis Ababa. He said that ratification is important for the improvement of the economic situation and peaceful settlement of the two nations.

President Kiir called on the people of South Sudan not to panic from four freedoms and cross border economic activities. He said that Mile 14 indeed belongs to Malual Dinka and the area has special temporary security arrangement in the agreement, to be demilitarized no SAF and SPLA forces are needed in the area.

The President said that no land belonging to South Sudan will be given to Sudan by him or by the negotiators. He said that he respects the freedom of expression on any issue but added the small groups trying to incite people against the government should know what they are doing is for the interest of the nation. He said that the border should not be decided by force or propaganda, and South Sudan has not relinquished its claim on Pan Thou and the rest areas of South Sudan territories of 1956.

President Kiir announced that oil production will resume soon and that the minister of petroleum visited oil fields to make necessary assessments.

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