South Sudan Coat of Arms

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The South Sudan Coat of Arms features the African Kingfisher Eagle. According to Section 10(1) of the National Coat Arms Act, 2011, no government institution or public corporation shall use the Coat of Arms on its correspondences as its logo. The Act only allows the Coat of Arms to be displayed in or on the South Sudan Television, official government publications, National Flag, special means of transport of the President, distinguished badges signifying rank and specific headgear of the organized forces, a gift in the name of the government, and the front or facing side of government missions abroad.

The Coat of Arms may also be affixed to all correspondence from the Office of the President, all official correspondence issued by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, and all official correspondence issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the governments of foreign countries, international organizations and foreign diplomatic missions in the Republic of South Sudan.

The Act also states that no person shall perform any act with the intent to disgrace the Coat of Arms or any object of which the Coat of Arms is a constituent part. It also outlaws the use of the Coat of Arms as part of any trademarks or logos or otherwise used for the purpose of business advertisement.

In July 2011, Caretaker minister for Justice John Luk Jok explained the various provisions of the National Coat Arms Act and the restrictions on its usage.


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