South Sudan Crude exports falls for December and January

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January 9, 2014

The crude exports basket of South Sudan and many other African countries (except West Africa) have fallen. South Sudan has reported declining crude export volumes for December 2013 and the situation would be the same for January 2014. The unrest in the country is believed to be the reason behind the fall in volumes.

Sources say that the Government has evacuated most of the staff from the oil production facilities because of a civil-war like tension that gripped the country about three weeks ago. The civil war situation arose because of the conflict between Government and rebel forces.

The disruption reminds us back to a similar situation that arose about six months ago when the South Sudan Government stopped exports because of differences with its neighbouring country Sudan over oil transit and fee.

Exports of heavy sweet Dar Blend that is produced in the state of Upper Nile, in Blocks 3 and 7 operated by the Petrodar Operating Company, dropped from the originally planned 187,000 barrels per day (bpd) 148,000 bpd, in January 2014.


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