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The South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) is the governing body of the sport of Football in the country of South Sudan. It was established in April 2011.

South Sudan will need at least two years before it can fully compete with other countries in Football. The full membership of FIFA will be granted in 2014.



The SSFA is headed by a President.

Former Presidents of SSFA

  • Oliver Mori Benjamin
  • Churbar Goc Alei (Elected in April 2012 but suspended for a period of one year in October 2012 as an administrative action against him for sacking his deputy, Yohansi Mosa, without due consultation of the board.)


The Minister for Youth, Sports and Recreation, Makuac Teny Youk of the Government of South Sudan (GOSS), in Apri 2011, vide a Ministerial Order allowed the establishment of the Provisional Football Association. The Association which will be in office was given the task of managing, promoting and supervising football affairs in country of South Sudan. It had Oliver Mori Benjamin as President, Doub Foj Jok as Vice President, Rudolf Andera Oujika as Secretary General, and Jaden Jada Solomon as the Treasurer. The association had a total of 17 members.

In May 2011, they appointed Malesh Soro as the first manager of the South Sudan National Football Team.

Admission into CAF

On 9 February 2012, the South Sudan Football Association is unanimously admitted into the National Association of the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The admission was done during the 34th CAF Ordinary General Assembly held in Libreville. The SSFA is now eligible for immediate financial assistance from African football's governing body. South Sudan's Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Dr. Cirino Iteng Ofuho presented a flag of the country to CAF President Hayatou to symbolize their formal entry into the African football, whilst Hayatou reciprocated with the CAF flag.

President of the SSFA Oliver Mori Benjamin said, "It is a great moment that the newest nation has been admitted into CAF. Today marks eight months since the birth of the country and 10 months of existence of the provisional SSFA. We thank CAF and FIFA for sending a delegation to inspect our facilities when we made our intentions. We pledge to help promote football in Africa without recourse to the reverse gear. Our government is very committed to the developing football and sports in general, sports,"

Admission to CECAFA

The CECAFA affiliation for SSFA was given on May 9, 2012.

Admission into FIFA

South Sudan became a member of FIFA on May 25, 2012. 176 FIFA members voted in total with only 4 voted against South Sudan joining FIFA.

In early October 2012, FIFA has announced a US$500,000 grant to the association for the construction of its headquarters and a playing ground in Juba. The FIFA Goal funds are typically used for the creation of football infrastructures including building and development of association headquarters and football academies. SSFA President Chebur Aleu confirmed about the grant.

Official Address

Juba National Stadium
Hai Himra Talata
South Sudan

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