South Sudan Red Cross

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South Sudan Red Cross (SSRC) was established on July 9, 2011 soon after Independence of South Sudan. It has its national headquarters in Juba.

The SSRC is engaged in programs of emergency response, first aid, disaster management and preparedness, community based health programs, hygiene promotion, water and sanitation and promotion of social inclusion.

South Sudan Red Cross Bill was passed by the National Assembly giving it the much needed formal recognition. It is hence, a national society in providing humanitarian assistance in South Sudan.

Mr. Arthur Poole is its Secretary General.

Events & Happenings

  • February 8, 2013: Juba sceptic about Sudan POW release
  • May 2012: Speaking at the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day Celebrations on May 8, 2012, Mr. Arthur Poole said the organization is ready to play its role in providing humanitarian assistance in the Republic of South Sudan. Deputy Minister Ms. Sabina Dario Okolong lauded SSRC for its contribution to the people during and after the country‚Äôs long and painful struggle for freedom.

Secretary General of SSRC

Mr. Arthur Poole

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