South Sudan picks ZTE in its attempt to meet 2015 Digital World Initiative expectations

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December 13, 2012

South Sudan has picked Chinese telecommunication equipment provider ZTE as its partner to help the new nation migrate from analog into digital communication networks and systems. The pack was signed in the form on an agreement between South Sudan and ZTE.

South Sudan Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Dr Barnaba Marial Benjamin signed the agreement as a part of the 51 million dollar project. The first phase of the project deals with equipment and infrastructure and the funding for this will be coming from the Chinese Government through Exim-Bank.

The project is an attempt for South Sudan to meet the 2015 digital world initiative expectations.

Minister Benjamin said that the South Sudan Government is keen to transform communication systems in the country from analog to digital in spite of the economic challenges it currently faces. He said this will be achieved through the support of friendly nations and development partners. ZTE said it will provide the best of its services to South Sudan to realise the analog-digital migration targets at the shortest time possible.

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