Sudan and South Sudan blames each other of border violence

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December 27, 2012

Neighbours Sudan and South Sudan have accused each other of violence in the disputed border region bringing back the never ending dispute over the border region back to furore.

Col. Philip Aguer, spokesman for South Sudan’s Army, said that five people were killed when Sudanese planes bombed Kiir Adem. Kiir Adem lies inside a 14-mile-wide strip of land claimed by both countries.

The Sudan’s Army however said that South Sudanese soldiers had laid a large number of land mines in the area, after which clashes broke out between residents and armed groups that are part of the South’s Army.

Attempts by both the countries to come together are failing because of lack of proper commitment on both the sides. Though both the countries agreed to pull back their armies from the border, none have done so.

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