Sunday summit holds key for resuming oil exports by Sudan and South Sudan

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September 22, 2012

The global economy has seen some of its worst periods in recent times. Oil exports by African nations are important for their survival. And come this Sunday, the Presidential level summit between Sudan and South Sudan will hold the key for the resumptions of oil exports by the two nations who have come close to a war in April 2012 after tensions between the two neighbors escalated.

Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and South Sudan President Salva Kiir holding summit level talks and their outcome will bring an end to one of Africa's longest conflict.

However, mediators for the peace talks feel both the nations are not so serious about bring an end to their differences. Enmity and mistrust between the two nations are still not out and hence the outcome of the summit, some feel, will only be a temporary solution.

This is not the first time that representatives of both the countries have sat together to end their differences, particularly on topics related oil. While the oil export resumption would fuel economies of both the countries, the much broader solution that needs to be reached was on the five disputed border regions that both countries claim to be theirs. There can be a no quick decision reached but the oil export solution, if implemented both in letter and spirit would bring both the nations much closer.

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