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In February 2014, eight sniffer dogs (water cocker spaniel or Labradors) are deployed for services in South Sudan. They are brought from UN Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) to help with random searches in and around UN bases and some displacement camps in South Sudan. The sniffer dogs will take additional training to adjust to the new environment after which they will help UN MAS in searching land mines and explosives.

Most of the dogs are actually from South Africa and are specially trained in sniffing mines and explosives. Unlike other sniffer dogs, they are trained to sniff and snort and if they find anything suspicious, they are trained to sit down and wait for their master. Sniffer dogs are generally trained to pawn the suspicious object, which in this case, would potentially explode the mine.

The mission has already found unexploded cluster bomblets along the Juba-Bor road in Malek.

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