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Unity is one of the 10 states of the African nation of South Sudan. It has an area of 35,956 km². Its capital is Bentiu. It has nine counties and is the location of some rich oil fields. In the period when South Sudan had achieved autonomy within Sudan and its independence was imminent, South Sudan's government referred to the state as Western Upper Nile.[citation needed] Prior to an administrative reorganization in 1994, Unity was part of a much larger province of Upper Nile. Western Upper Nile, or Unity, is inhabited predominantly by two ethnic groups, the Nuer (majority) and the Dinka (minority). In the new country of South Sudan, its counties are Mayom, Rubkona, Parieng, Leer, Guit, Koch, Abeimnom, Mayendit, and Payinjiar.



Agriculture is the state's primary economic activity. The people are nomadic agro-pastoralists who engage in both agriculture and rearing of livestock, especially cattle. Farming is conducted during the rainy season although some cultivation also occurs during summer. Vegetables are not widely cultivated as most farmers are rural rather than urban, and therefore lack access to markets for their produce. Some NGOs are introducing farmers to the practice of cultivation for market.

Unity oil field

Sudan's first oil reserves were discovered here during the 1970s. The international oil companies which engaged in oil exploration contributed to massive displacement of the indigenous population.

The Unity oil field is situated within the largest hydrocarbon accumulation in the Muglad rift basin and contains an estimated 150,000,000 barrels (24,000,000 m3) of oil. The Greater Nile Oil Pipeline begins in the Unity oil field.


July 28, 2011: Former Member of Parliament from South Sudan Legislative Assembly Hon. William Wuor Dador died on July, 2011 in Juba. His body was transferred to Bentiu. South Sudan VP Riek Machar Teny and Father Gabriel were at funeral of William Wuor Dador. Wuor was the first member of parliament representing Rubkotna county since the signing of the comprehensive peace agreement by North and South Sudan in 2005.
July 22, 2011: South Sudan rebel leader from Unity, Gatluak Gai was shot dead, days after signing a cease-fire agreement.
July 19, 2011: Unity State Authorities gathered Tuesday to discuss the policy to be use by private banking institutions on the conversion of old Sudan Pounds to the new South Sudanese Pound. The deputy governor of Unity State William Dawut Riak and state Minister of Finance Thomas Jal Kume briefed Kenya Commercial Bank and Ivory Bank of Bentiu branches in Bentiu on the two month period to exchange all Sudanese Pounds into the new currency.

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