Vice President Machar visits Phoenix refugee center

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September 30, 2012

Vice President of South Sudan Riek Machar, who is in the United States of America, has visited the Lost Boys Center for Leadership Development in Phoenix.

The Centre is working as the refugee center for the South Sudanese and has been providing teaching and training facilities. Its six weeks program of teacher education, leadership training and lessons in community development has been helping South Sudanese to gain specialized skills so that they can use them in better shaping their country.

The Centre is providing food, clothing, bus passes, scholarships, help finding jobs and counseling to reduce culture shock.

Akech Koc, the South Sudanese Ambassador the United States also accompanied the Vice-President. This is the third trip of Koc to the Centre.

The Lost Boys Center at Phoenix is the biggest Lost Boys refugee camp, next only to Dallas.

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