Western Equatoria

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Western Equatoria is one of the 10 states of South Sudan. It has an area of 79,319 kmkm². The Capital of Western Equatoria is Yambio.


Like all South Sudanese States, the Western Equatoria is also divided into counties. There are 10 counties in Western Equatoria.

  • Yambio County
  • Nzara County
  • Ibba County
  • Ezo County
  • Maridi East County
  • Tambora County
  • Mundri West County
  • Mvolo County
  • Najero County
  • Mundri County

Politicians from Western Equatoria


July 19, 2011: Minister of Information and Broadcasting Barnaba Benjamin Marial apologised to citizens of Western Equatoria State after the state’s referendum result was not produced in the Page 58 of the 'historic book', actually titled 'Birth of a nation', that was produced by the ministry to give thanks to all the ten states for having voted for the secession of the country. The State Governor Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro highlighted about this in the meeting with the Minister in Juba.


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