Zimbabwe and South Sudan to form Joint Commission of Cooperation to foster collaboration

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Zimbabwe and South Sudan are coming together to form a Joint Commission of Cooperation (JCC) with an intention to strengthen the collaboration between the two countries.

The Foreign Affairs Deputy Director of Multilateral Economics Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro said the JCC would be concluded next year.

Excerpts from his address to the delegates at a meeting organised by trade promotion body ZimTrade:

"Basically it is an umbrella framework for cooperation in all areas. It provides for private to private cooperation, government to government cooperation and government to private cooperation. We are still developing it"

"It gives surety of political will and commitment by governments of South Sudan and Zimbabwe. This shows that the two governments will have a buy in on what will be happening."

"All those who want to do business in any of the two countries can request for assistance either from South Sudan or Zimbabwe"

Media reports say that the South Sudan Embassy Second Secretary for Trade and Investment Fiona Wongo has confirmed that the two countries were working on a JCC. "Yes we are working on a Joint Commission of Cooperation to expand trade and investment between us. There are many opportunities in South Sudan that Zimbabwean investors can exploit," she is reported to have said.

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